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M12 Cordsets and Receptacles

PSU67-11-2480/M Compact Power Supply

This Turck compact IP67-rated power supply offers 24 VDC output voltage for users who need 24 V field power but want to avoid costly cable routing and voltage drops. Benefits include high operational availability through mains buffering, short circuit protection and passive air cooling.

TBEN-L5-8IOL Block I/O with IO-Link

Turck improves cost efficiency in IO-Link applications for complex sensor systems and terminal devices. Mount on panel or machine – expandable I/O places control at the point of use. 5-pin design with 8 IO-Link master channels. Compatible with a wide range of protocols.

Incremental QR24 Non-Contact Encoder

No compromise between resolution and rugged design are necessary! The Turck QR24 non-contact encoders are immune to interference and offer a wear-free design, plus universal parametrization. A rugged and fully sealed housing ensures reliability.

M12 Cordsets and Receptacles

M12 Cordsets and Receptacles

Turck ensures more reliable communication with rugged M12 connectivity solutions. Turck has improved its M12 offering with a game-changing redesign, including a patented torque sleeve and new plug body style. The M12 is in stock and ready to ship!

Power Supplies with EtherCAT

PULS has introduced three new DIN rail power supplies with an integrated EtherCAT interface to its DIMENSION product family. The EtherCAT interface allows for efficient and quick remote control of the power supplies, and access to a variety of measurements that enable both the power supply and the system to be monitored. This provides equipment manufacturers and operators with the opportunity to further increase the efficiency and performance of their machines, while also taking system availability and reliability to a new level.


New from Turck, an expanded family of IO-Link products now includes an 8 port Class A IO-Link module. This new solution helps improve cost efficiency in typical IO-Link applications for complex sensor systems and terminal devices. This IP69K-rated block offers 8 IO-Link master channels and 8 configurable PNP I/O channels, or you can configure the IO-Link channels to give you a total of 16 points of configurable PNP standard I/O.


Connect the new S15L in-line to a sensor and controller for custom status indication with multiple colors and animations. This gives operators local indication about the health of a machine component that is quick and easy to understand. Colors are controlled via Modbus for use in Snap Signal and other networks.


The WLR95 is the ultimate problem solver for end-users looking to retrofit poorly lit areas and for OEM machine builders who need light for enclosures, conveyors, and industrial machines. Its compact footprint shines in areas where conventional industrial lights struggle to fit. The unique double-ended cascade feature simplifies installation by allowing you to daisy chain multiple units with ease. 


Simplify integrating analog devices into an IO-Link system with the new R95C 8-port Analog Input to IO-Link Hub. Simple 4-wire M12 cordsets and connections save installation time and reduce hardware costs while eliminating the need for expensive PLC analog input cards.


The new RLS27 series of rugged LED strip lights combine colorful illumination and indication with superior environmental resistance. A shatterproof, UV-stabilized polycarbonate shell delivers reliable operation in the most challenging environments, while the focused lens provides high-intensity, long-range illumination for easy outdoor viewing.

R45C PFM to Analog Converters

Controls engineers needing to bring Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) signals from sensors to their analog control systems can use Banner’s new R45C PFM to Analog Output Converter, which takes digital signals and converts them to the necessary analog signal.

S15C Dual Thermistor Temperature Probe with Modbus® Interface

Industrial tower (stack) light that provides cost-effective status indication for those who need to improve visibility of machine and equipment status to drive response speed and increase productivity.

  • Unique pin-to-position design allows for quick and easy installation
  • Modular construction for configuration flexibility with IP65 rating
  • Features a very loud adjustable audible alarm that goes up to 104dB
  • Pre-assembled options with up to 5 color segments, or 4 color segments + audible
  • Available with 7 colors: white, blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and violet
  • Steady or flash animation options available
  • M12 connection

PSW-24-2 Power Supply

The PSW-24-2 power supply provides reliable power for lighting systems and other products that operate at 24 V dc. Featuring a 2A output rating and longer 3.5-meter cable, it can be used in a wide variety of applications. The PSW accepts universal AC input voltage at 100 V ac to 240 V ac, 50/60 Hz through one of the included Type A, C, G, and I detachable input plugs and outputs to an integral M12 connector.

TL70 Basic Tower Light Series

Industrial tower (stack) light that provides cost-effective status indication for those who need to improve visibility of machine and equipment status to drive response speed and increase productivity.

  • Unique pin-to-position design allows for quick and easy installation
  • Modular construction for configuration flexibility with IP65 rating
  • Features a very loud adjustable audible alarm that goes up to 104dB
  • Pre-assembled options with up to 5 color segments, or 4 color segments + audible
  • Available with 7 colors: white, blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and violet
  • Steady or flash animation options available
  • M12 connection

Pressure Sensors

The new pressure sensors from Banner are ideal for liquid-pumping and pneumatic applications. These sensors accurately measure pressure in ranges between 15 and 5000 psi. The sensors are available with an analog 4-20mA output for use as a stand-alone sensor, or with a pre-configured S15C Modbus converter to ensure error-free, time-saving installation with Banner’s SNAP ID.

R45C Modbus

Collecting data from existing analog sensors is simple and cost-effective with Banner’s new R45C Modbus to Dual Analog Input/Output Converters. Two input/output ports can capture and convert incoming analog current or voltage signals to Modbus, and also drive analog outputs for system design flexibility. Port mirroring lets operators capture sensor data without breaking communication with a PLC.

Ethercat amGardpro

We have recently released a new feature to our amGardpro networked range. We can now offer EtherCAT with FSoE on our ethernet-enabled interlocks and control pods.

To start off the launch of our content toolkits we have created an EtherCAT focused toolkit.

PVS28 Parts Verification Sensor

The new PVS28 provides visual operator guidance with touchless activation for fast and reliable picking, assembly, and fulfillment applications. It features both optical sensing and intuitive indication in one device. No controller is needed; devices are completely self-contained. Choose from either 100 mm or 225 mm lengths for small and large bins. Green, yellow, and red indicator colors are enabled by default, and seven colors and eight animations are available when using Banner’s free Pro Editor software.

K100 Basic Beacon Series

The new K100 Basic Beacon offers Daylight Visible models that ensure visibility, even in direct sunlight. ​​​​​Each device is available in a single color, with five options to choose from. It has four built-in animations and boasts IP66, NEMA 4X, and IK10 ratings, to make sure it can withstand challenging environments. Audible and non-audible models are available.

EtherCAT and proNet

With a growing market share, EtherCAT is a widely used network protocol that enables fast and reliable communication between industrial devices. proNet is the network communication module that allows amGardpro to communicate with the main industrial network protocols.

amGardpro Networked Range

Networked products from the heavy duty amGardpro range are fully customisable and can be tailored to your exact application requirements. Safety over ethernet protocols can be integrated to reduce cabling requirements and installation time. All amGardpro Products are third-party certified and can be used in applications up to PLe/Cat. 4 or SIL 3.

R95C 8-Port 2-Channel Discrete IO-Link Hub

Quickly and Easily Add Discrete Devices to your IO-Link System. Integrating discrete devices into an IO-Link system is quick and easy with the R95C-8B22-KQ 8-Port 2-Channel Discrete IO-Link Hub. This configurable IO-Link hub can transmit 16 discrete inputs or drive 16 discrete outputs. Multiple delay modes and port mirroring also give powerful flexibility to system designers.

3-Meter Discrete Q5X Laser Sensor

Dual Discrete Laser Sensor with Extended Range Banner introduces a new addition to its series of best-in-class laser sensors, the Q5X 3m Dual Discrete model. This device features an extended detection range of 3 meters, compared to the existing 2-meter Dual Discrete Q5X sensor. Because the sensor uses a laser with high excess gain, it excels at detecting challenging targets, such as dark objects against dark backgrounds. It also features dual discrete outputs, which can send independent signals.

S15C Current Transformers

S15 Converters for Measuring Current and Pre-Configured for Streamlined Commissioning, Banner now offers a line of pre-configured Snap Signal S15C converters with dedicated current transformers. Each converter is pre-configured for its dedicated 600 Amp, 150 Amp, or 20 Amp transformer to reduce setup time.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Turck Encoders

Whether it’s the speed, position or direction of rotation – how can you measure these values efficiently? We can help  you find the right encoder: from the standard model to the premium completely contactless encoder.

Watch the video here: Reliable Encoder Solutions: Get the Right Encoder for your Motion Control Application

With a wide range of options, Turck has the encoder for you – from price sensitive encoder to particularly robust and wear-free devices.


SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

RFID Safety Keys – RSK

RSK is a compact key pod with ability to act as a standalone key station or integrate with an amGardpro interlock. RSK helps reduce key management processes.

• Enables misplaced keys to be replaced with a new re-coded key – reducing downtime
• Can be hard-wired, have OSSD inputs / outputs, xommunicate over Ethernet using PROFINET / PROFIsafe, Ethernet IP / CIP safety.


S24 Dew Point Sensor

Dew Point Sensor Detects Moisture in Compressed Air Systems. New S24 Dew Point Sensor ensures compressed air quality by monitoring for excess moisture, helping prevent outages and equipment damage. The S24 measures dew point and temperature while providing a serial data output for use in a control system.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


Designed to enhance and improve industrial workstations, the TL50 Basic Andon Tower Light is a tower light and a control box combination for easy-to-see status. These 3 or 4 segment tower light assemblies are rugged, versatile, easy to install, and simple to operate. The control box features capacitive touch buttons for built-in reliability; simply activate or deactivate tower light segments with quick touch or press-and-hold hold functionality.


SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

LCA130T Andon Control Box

The LCA130T is an integral capacitive touch button control box ideal for controlling lights with just the press of a button. Simply connect the LCA130T to any light and the programmed status LEDs can mimic the light’s status.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K100 Pro Hazardous Beacon Series

K100 Pro Hazardous series of programmable, multicolor beacons provides bright illumination and status indication in oil, gas, and other hazardous locations.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

tGard – High Level Coded

The High Level Coded (HLC) element for the tGard configurable access & control unit for machine guarding provides protection against defeat with a high misalignment tolerance on the actuator and provides safety outputs through OSSD or SSR configurations.

The tGard High Level Coded (HLC) element can also incorporate safety contacts from associated tGard elements.


SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

ATOM with Escape Release

✅ Perfect for small guards and tight spaces.

✅ High coded RFID actuator.

✅ Versatile high misalignment.

✅ Allows a person to escape if they become trapped inside a safeguarded space.

✅ Escape release must be manually operated from inside the area and generates a stop command.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Osborn Interlock Blocking

Retrofittable safety measures to prevent unexpected restart. Within the Osbourn range we have Interlock Blocking Devices (IBL) and Photo-electric Blocking Devices (PBL). With simple integration with existing monitored and controlled systems and no electrical installation the Osbourn range contains easy retro-fit products

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Split Core CT-600A Current Monitoring Sensor

The CT-600A current monitoring sensor is a split-core transformer used to monitor AC current on large conductor wires handling heavy current loads, such as in large motors. This sensor will help maintenance teams stay ahead of potential problems by monitoring for unusual current rise in production machines to ensure assets remain productive.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

XS26 Series
Expandable Safety Controllers

This new module adds EtherCAT communication to Banner’s existing XS26 series of expandable safety controllers. This allows In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) device status and performance data to be shared with EtherCAT-enabled PLCs.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


Banner’s R95C-8B21-MQ 8-port Discrete Modbus Hub is a quick, easy way to integrate discrete devices into a Modbus system. It converts discrete signal inputs and outputs the values to defined Modbus registers. It also serves as a discrete data aggregator that can function as a smart logic device and is able to store sensor data directly on the hub.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Q20-2 Polarized Retroreflective Sensor

The Q20-2 is a new polarized retroreflective photoelectric sensor designed for reliable detection, quick installation, and precise beam alignment. Its bright, visible red LED features best-in-class bore sighting, ensuring that the beam spot hits repeatably where it is intended. The Q20-2 features an industry-standard compact housing and robust threaded 3-mm mounting holes.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

DXMR110 8-Port IO-Link Master

Banner’s newest controller, the DXMR110-8K 8-Port IO-Link Master comes with cloud connectivity and advanced programming options via ScriptBasic and action rules. Its compact size, minimal weight, convenient cordset placement and multiprotocol interface offers system designers many options.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Q5Z Laser Measurement Sensor With IO-Link

The new Banner Q5Z Laser Measurement Sensor is a powerful laser measurement sensor that provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets. It ships preconfigured for streamlined setup and commissioning—no programming required.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Product Change Notification:
4 & 8 Port M12 Field Wireable Junction Boxes

Turck will now manufacture the M12 Field Wireable Junction Boxes, providing more control over manufacturing instead of purchasing them outside of the company. These new junction boxes are RoHS compliant and carry CE approval. Please see the Product Change Notification for the affected part numbers, suggested alternative part numbers, description of changes and additional details.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

T30RW Washdown Radar Sensor

Banner presents the new T30RW Washdown Radar Sensor, which expands upon the 15-meter T30R sensor by adding a heavy-duty IP69K-rated housing for particularly harsh environments. It provides accurate measurement and robust signal return, even in the presence of moisture, steam, precipitation, temperature changes, sunlight, or darkness. The T30RW is perfect for tank-level measurement and applications involving high-pressure water spray, such as automated car washes.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

PISA B Series

PULS has added to its PISA protection series by introducing four new 8 channel PISA-B electronic circuit breaks. The PISA-B Series are DIN-rail mountable and feature eight isolated, individually adjustable channel protection modules with integrated electronic fuses for 24v systems.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

QR20 Inclinometer Now with Switching Outputs

Turck’s newest generation of inclinometer sensors, which fuse MEMS and gyroscope technologies, are now available in dual setpoint outputs for position monitoring. This new variant switches when a threshold value or switching window is reached. Two switching windows can be set and used in NO or NC operation. These sensors are ideal for use in applications where a simple switching signal in a PNP or NPN logic circuit is sufficient to indicate a specific inclination angle has been reached. These rugged IP68/IP69K rated sensors can be programmed for custom ranges via IO-Link. Key applications include leveling platforms, lifting equipment, rotational arms and any place you need to detect angular or rotary position.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

LC25T In-Line Touch Switch

The LC25T In-Line Touch Switch is a sealed, capacitive touch switch that can be connected in-line with many types of DC devices for on/off and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control. With a 4-amp output capacity, it can control even the largest of Banner’s DC lights. Its touch interface and visual status indication make the LC25T easy to use.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


By detecting emitted infrared energy, the S15S Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor with a RS-485 interface quickly and reliably monitors temperatures without needing to be touching the target. Its compact and rugged over molded design allows installation in a wide variety of applications that require temperature monitoring. When connected to a cloud service, the S15S Temperature Sensor plays a crucial role in streamlining remote temperature analysis and monitoring.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


Banner’s new R90C Serial Analog Output Hub features a Modbus RTU interface and four analog output ports with standard 4-pin M12 connections. The hub can be easily configured to generate either a current (4–20 mA) or voltage output (0–10 V) on each of the four unique analog ports. It reduces wiring and is ideal for controlling devices such as dimmable lights and proportional pneumatic valves.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


Easy to install, operate, and troubleshoot, the new S4B Heavy-Duty Type 4 Safety Light Curtain delivers durable, dependable safety sensing for a wide variety of applications. The 30 mm resolution makes it optimal for hand detection. With end-to-end sensing in lengths from 300 mm to 1800 mm and having a 12 meter range, the S4B can tackle a wide variety of safety applications while meeting the highest safety standards.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

ZMX Series 3D Time of Flight Sensor

The Banner ZMX Series 3D Time of Flight Sensor can measure and monitor objects within a three-dimensional area. It provides a single-sensor solution for filling applications and can detect both the peak height and average fill level. Because the sensor can detect items of any size, shape, or orientation, it is an ideal tool for automated industrial applications in which materials, products, or packages accumulate within a defined area.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

S15J In-Line Fuse

The addition to Banner Engineering’s Snap Signal series of plug-and-play connections delivers quick and easy over-current protection anywhere it’s needed in a circuit. The rugged IP68 over-molded housing allows use in harsh environments, and the visual feedback system gives quick status updates at a glance. 

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

PTL 110 Pick-to-Light Series

PTL110 pick-to-light devices now offer 14 segments and a three-digit display for more ways to indicate part count, use additional letters, and provide instructions. These multifunctional indicators improve speed, productivity, and quality in picking, kitting, and other related applications.​​​​​

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

R45C Dual Analog IO-Link Converter

This new converter can take in two analog inputs and drive two analog outputs on the IO-Link communications channel. The additional PFM output pin makes this ideal for retrofitting existing analog devices with lighting indicators without disrupting the PLC. Minimal configuration and 4-pin M12 quick-disconnect connectors allow for quick setup, and the rugged IP68 housing allows use in harsh environments.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

In-Line Audible Alert Indicator

The TL15 series of small, modular tower lights has expanded to include TL15A audible segments for audible alert indication. The TL15A in-line audible alert indicators can be used as standalone devices, connected in-line with TL15 tower lights, or paired with sensors so users can receive color status and audio alerts locally.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K50R Short Range Radar Sensor

Banner K50R and K50R Pro radar sensors are now more customizable, offering performance modes fine-tuned for different detection requirements. The sensors in this series can be programmed with one of three available performance modes:

  • Standard, with a range of 0.1 to 2.5 meters
  • Faster Response, with a response time that is twice as fast
  • High Power, with more signal strength to detect weaker targets
SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector


The compact PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies are available with 36W, 60W or 90W. These power supplies create more space in your systems or machines and allow you a flexible planning. Furthermore you can choose between push-in and screw terminals for the PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W).

The most important characteristic of all PIANO devices is their focus on the core features of a power supply: efficiency, lifetime, reliability and size.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

S15S Temperature and Humidity Sensor

With the introduction of the S15S temperature and humidity sensor, remote environment monitoring now comes in a compact, rugged, and cost-effective form factor for installation nearly anywhere. It easily connects in-line or directly to a DXM industrial controller to help ensure a safe operating environment for machines and equipment.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K70 Pro Touch Series

The K70 series of touch buttons now includes programmable models with an integrated audible alarm, expanding the product functionality to provide additional indication and feedback. Banner’s exclusive Pro Editor software enables users to program the K70 Pro with a variety of statuses, colors, and animations. 

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Banner Could ID Kit

The SmartSolutions Expansion Kit for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – a direct-to-cloud solution – has been renamed the “Banner Cloud ID Kit.” The change was made to highlight the kit’s ability to collect and send data directly to the cloud.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Repeater with IO-Link

Now you can extend sensing range without the use of an additional power supply.  No setup and no programming required. Simply install the repeater and increase the distance between an IO-Link Master and your device by up to 240m. Designed in a rugged IP68/IP69K stainless-steel housing, this device allows for direct field mounting without parameterization and provides cost-saving installation for spatially isolated IO-Link devices. Ideal for use in the automotive industry and applications where the sensor is a long distance from the control block. The IO-Link Repeater supports all transmission rates for IO-Link COM1, COM2 and COM3 in one device.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Programmable IO-Link Master with Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP & PROFINENT

As part of a comprehensive IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution, the Banner DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master collects factory data from IO-Link devices and sends it directly to PLCs, SCADAs, and HMIs. It combines signals from four IO-Link ports and outputs process and diagnostic data via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and PROFINET. The DXMR90-4K also serves as a compact and programmable controller device.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

S15J In-Line Fuses

This addition to Banner Engineering’s series of plug-and-play connections delivers quick and easy overcurrent protection anywhere it’s needed in a circuit. The rugged housing allows for use in harsh environments with other series components, and the visual feedback system provides quick status updates at a glance.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

PULS Mini Line

The MiniLine family covers DIN rail power supplies for low and medium power range from 15W to 100W. The units, in their rugged plastic housing are highly efficient, compact, reliable and can be installed in seconds.

MiniLine users are convinced by an excellent cost-benefit ratio and a high power density. So a 30W device requires a space of only 22.5mm on the DIN rail.

Choose the right unit for your requirements from 26 different MiniLine power supplies.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

T30R Long-Range Radar Sensor

A new long-range model has been added to Banner’s T30R series of compact and durable radar sensors. This sensor can accurately measure targets up to 25 meters away—a 10-meter increase over previous models. T30R sensors excel in outdoor environments subject to precipitation, fog, moisture, or changes in light and temperature.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

New Multicolor Beacons for Advanced Indication Applications

Introducing the K100 Pro series of beacons for distinct, customizable indication. Now available in two configurations, Daylight Visible and Indicator, these bright, 100 mm beacons provide bright illumination and feature an optional audible alarm with adjustable audible intensity control.

Pro Daylight Visible beacon models offer 12 audible options and have a clear lens that avoids false indications, even in sunlight. Featuring 14 color options, K100 Pro Indicator beacons (DC models) are programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor software, with animations such as flash, rotate, and strobe.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

New Compact 8-Port IO-Link Hub for Collecting Factory Data

The R95C IO-Link Hub is Banner’s new connection solution for converting and consolidating discrete signals into an IO-Link data stream. Featuring a durable IP67/IP68-rated housing, a stackable design, and eight separate ports with two discrete input channels each (PNP or NPN), the R95C captures discrete sensor signals from larger factory operations and routes them to an IO-Link Master.

The R95C IO-Link Hub also has the ability to drive discrete outputs on each port. This compact, robust, and economical device significantly reduces cabling complexity while expanding Snap Signal IIoT connectivity. 

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

New Slot Sensors Optimized for Different Label Types

Banner Engineering introduces two new slot sensors for labeling items on an automated production line. The SLE3 and SLU4 Series Label Sensors are compact devices that use an infrared LED or an ultrasonic emitter, respectively, to detect labels at high speeds.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

M12 Eurofast Cordsets & Receptacles

Keep critical signal transmission flowing with our newly redesigned M12 cordsets and receptacles.  Now, a game-changing, patented torque sleeve ensures safe and reliable operation.  The sleeve makes installation fast and reliable, ensuring that contaminants are sealed out of the connector – communication is up and running in a “snap!”  These innovative M12 connectivity solutions are in stock and available now.   

Straight, right angle, male / female, 3 / 4 / 5 pole configurations that are 18-24 awg and unshielded.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Cloud Data Software Manages and Exports Sensor Data

Banner’s Cloud Data Services (CDS) software is a web-based platform that allows users to access, store, protect, and export critical data collected by wired and wireless sensors. CDS has analytics and visualization tools that deliver insights and alerts to help solve factory floor challenges. The software complements Banner’s wireless and Snap Signal product portfolios and provides customers with complete end-to-end IIoT solutions.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Compact Programmable IO-Link Master with Ethernet

Banner’s new DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master allows collection of factory data from IO-Link devices and sends it directly to cloud systems, PLCs, SCADAs, and HMIs. Both a part of the Snap Signal smart-factory ecosystem and compatible with industry IO-Link standard devices, it combines signals from four IO-Link ports and outputs process and diagnostic data via Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/IP. The DXMR90-4K is also a self-contained controller offering the option of custom programmablity.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

R70 Ethernet Data Radio

The R70 is designed to be simpler to setup and use than existing Ethernet radios on the market. It allows users to extend industrial Ethernet signal while avoiding the installation of expensive cable runs to remote sections of the factory floor. The R70 may be used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks. The radio makes it easy to send data back to existing Ethernet switches from wired Ethernet devices like the DXMR90.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

IO-Link Water Control Block for Welding Stations

The Water Controller with IO-Link monitors flow rate and alerts users for any potential leaks.  This solution identifies tip off and insufficient flow to prevent damage to other devices in the weld cell, saving downtime and costly damage.  This easy-to-integrate solution doesn’t require a PLC and uses IO-Link to provide more detailed insight into process parameters and application status, remotely.  These pre-engineered solutions are ideal for use by integrators that build MIG and resistance welding cells for the automotive industry.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Wireless Q45UPSD Pressure Node

Banner introduces the wireless Q45UPSD Universal Pressure Node. The node, combined with Banner pressure transducers, will monitor pressurized systems and transmit levels to a wireless controller or performance gateway. The new node is compatible with the full range of Banner pressure transducers, which can collect measurements from 0 to 3000 psi. The node and transducers feature quick-disconnect ports for instant connection.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K50R Short-Range Radar Detection

Banner presents K50R, a new cost-effective adjustable-field radar sensor for short-range applications. Available in both Pro and standard models, it is a compact, flush-mount device with configurable LEDs, a range of 2.5 m, and a dead zone of only 100 mm. The K50R Pro features eight RGB LEDs, and it can be used for measuring distances. Radar sensors are often the best choice for detecting large objects, like automobiles or forklifts, and other outdoor applications.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K50 Pro Compact Touch with Display

The K50 Pro Compact Touch with Display is the ideal interface device for pick-to-light, operator guidance and interaction, or advanced information communication. It has two independent touch areas and perimeter indication that provide a bidirectional interface to improve process efficiency and speed issue response. Control via IO-Link® or PICK-IQ™ serial interface gives full access to color, animation, and display settings. This K50 works well for condition monitoring applications and blends seamlessly into Banner’s Snap Signal ecosystem.   

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K50 Pro Touch Series

The K50 Pro Touch Button family now features models with an integrated audible alarm, expanding the product functionality to provide additional indication and feedback, improving the interaction between operators and equipment. It is available with 14 different tones with customizable intensity. I/O logic, colors, animations, and audible settings can be configured with the Pro Editor software or via IO-Link.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

K50 Pro with Audible Indicator

The K50 Pro Compact Audible Indicator is a sealed alarm with optional integrated indication. It offers 14 different tones that can be customized and adjusted to different intensity levels. All K50 models are programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor software or IO-Link. It offers seven default colors in one multicolor RGB device and is available without indication.

SPS30 AC/DC Converter with M12 Connector

Banner’s SPS30 AC/DC In-Line Power Converter

The Banner SPS30 AC/DC In-Line Power Converter adapts 100–240 V AC to 24 V DC to power DC sensors, actuators, or other devices. Its 4-amp SPST relay allows it to switch AC or DC loads, and it has an AC input wire for remote teach or activating a job input on an actuator.

Banner’s Q2x Sensor

Banner’s new Q2X sensors fit into confined industrial spaces and equipment. These sensors deliver reliability, competitive performance, robust excess gain, and sensing precision to detect challenging targets. The series includes a new standard adjustable-field background-suppression model with either a visible red photoelectric LED or a Class 1 laser emitter, a cost-effective polarized retro-reflective model, and an easy-to-align opposed-mode sensor pair.

Programmable, Multicolor Indicators

The Pro platform continues to expand and now includes the CL50 Pro Column Light family. Now with limitless options to convey status, CL50 PRO Column Lights…

Banner’s lloT Enabling Industrial Controller

The newest addition to Banner’s Snap Signal product family, the compact and robust DXMR90 Industrial Controller is a central hub for IIoT device monitoring…

Safety Scanner

Scanner Engineering has released the SX5-B6, a new version of its standalone safety laser scanner with enhanced features…

Banner’s T30R Radar Sensor with 45° x 45° Beam Pattern

The T30R series with 15°×15° beam pattern has been expanded to include a wider-angle 45°×45° option to better detect curved surfaces and larger targets within a larger field of view…

Banner’s Unlock IIoT Potential with Snap Signal

Banner’s expanding line of plug-and-play in-line Converters, Adapters, and Filters unlocks valuable data and simplifies wiring. All Snap Signal products utilize industry standard M12 connectors for fast and easy installation…

Banner’s WLS28 Pro LED Strip Light with LO-Link and Pro Editor

The WLS28 LED strip light with IO-Link or Pro Editor capability has a sturdy aluminum housing and shatterproof windows, making it an ideal general-purpose LED light for machine, enclosure, or other industrial lighting applications…

Banner K50 Pro Optical with Pro Editor Compatibility

The K50 Pro series now offers a 50 mm programmable multicolor RGB device with optical sensor. It is programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor software and offers up to fourteen default colors with flash input in one unit…


Banner’s SmartSolutions Expansion Kit is a predictive maintenance solution that allows asset and process managers to expand monitoring systems by adding up to 40 sensors…

Turck’s TS+ Programmable Temperature Sensor

Introducing the TS+ sensor, a line of programmable temperature sensors that are used to measure and display process temperatures…


Two additional Wireless Q45 models are now available, broadening the family of sensors compatible with Banner’s wireless network…

Banner Engineering’s Q4X600 LASER MEASUREMENT SENSOR

The Q4X600 high resolution models are now available with analog output and even higher excess gain to solve more applications. This versatile, rugged laser measurement sensor is available in barrel or flush mount housing…

Puls’s New PIM90.245-L1

  • Din Rail Power Supply
  • 100-240V wide range input
  • NEC CLASS 2 complaint
  • Cost optimized without compromising quality or reliability
  • Width only 36mm…

Puls’s New CP20.245-R2

  • Power supply with integrated decoupling function
  • AC 100-240V Wide-range input
  • Width only 48mm
  • Marine approvals, EMC Class B (bridge & deck)
  • Built-in decoupling mosfet for 1+1 and n+1 redundancy…

Turck’s New TX700 HMI Variants

Turck has expanded its line of TX700 HMIs to include new variants designed for Food and Beverage and outdoor applications. The TX700FB devices have an IP69K stainless steel front with polyester coating…

Banner Engineering’s New DXM1200E

The newest model of the DXM1200 series wireless controllers maintain the same programming and logic capabilities of their predecessors while increasing installation flexibility…

PULS’ New FIEPOS (Field Power Supply) Product Line

PULS announce the release of 6 new IP54 and IP67 Machine mount power supplies.

Turck’s LUS Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Introducing the LUS211 Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Turck’s first ultrasonic sensor with a local LED display. The LUS211 is a programmable sensor that is used to measure solid and liquid level in an enclosure. Since the sensor is non-contact, it is not susceptible to material build-up or damage, ensuring a long service life.

Banner Engineering’s S15C In-Line Data Converters

Converting condition monitoring and process sensors to enable OEE initiatives just got easier with the new S15C Series In-Line Converters from Banner…

Turck’s FS+ Flow Sensor

The compact flow sensors of the FS+ series enable reliable and reproducible monitoring of liquid media. The sensors can be used in almost all industrial applications thanks to the modular mechanical concept…

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