Why Partner With Hilco?

Why Partner With Hilco as Your Manufacturer’s Representative?

Industry Leader

Positioned to satisfy the market needs of the principals and customers in such a unique fashion that Hilco is recognized as an industry leader and innovator.

Business Values

We’re honest, excel in service, application assistance and we conduct our behavior with Principles, Distributors, and Customers in the most acceptable manner. Hilco succeeds because of our strong fundamental business values, expertise and long-term vision.

Vested Partner in Manufacturers’ Success

We live to create partnerships where all parties win. We believe in long-term relationships that provide value for everyone.
The success of our customers and partners is what drive us – it’s core to who we are as a business.
We are heavily invested in our manufacturer’s success. Since we have a strong interdependent relationship, our success can only come from providing our manufacturer’s success in the territory.

Highly Experienced, More Assertive Sales Force

Hilco Reps have decades of experience and extensive knowledge in the industry.
We are local market experts and being rooted geographically results in relationships built on decades of stability and trust.
Hilco Reps are territory investors who have grown up in the industry, and who have spent a lifetime mastering all aspects of the products we represent.
We have the depth of experience and decades behind our relationships. We’re resilient, resourceful, flexible and fast-moving. This makes us unstoppable.

Reliable Source of Market Intelligence

Territory Knowledge

Because our representatives are in the territory for the long-term, we look beyond the sale to the total relationship. Territory knowledge combined with multiple-line exposure and entrepreneurial personality adds up to a wide-ranging perspective on who’s doing what, how it’s working and where it leads. The market intelligence gleaned from reps goes far beyond sophisticated forecasting.


Invaluable Feedback

With our long tenure and multi-level automation experience, we can provide the needed and invaluable feedback to both the manufacturers and to our customers.

Wider, Deeper Coverage


Multiple sales personnel that provide more in-depth coverage than what a single-line direct manufacturer would employ.


We cover five and half states and offer twelve area sales engineers and five application engineers that are all strategically located throughout the territory. We also have a four-team support group at the corporate office to help with commercial and business issues.


Longer termed outside sales force who are heavily invested in their territory and the customers and distributors who reside there. We know the customers and their needs.

Customer Committed

Most customers today will agree to see and buy from only those salespeople who take problems off their desks, bring valuable perspective, and offer both a collaborative & consultative approach.
We help navigate alternatives, provide ongoing advice and educate relevant new issues.
Our manufacturers, who are leaders in their field of expertise, bring a value-add of selling complete solutions to solving customer’s most demanding automation applications. We back those solutions with a highly experienced application engineering team.
We serve as advocates for our customers. Our customers are confident in discussing changes and opportunities in the marketplace as well as airing criticisms, praise, and suggestions they might be hesitant to share with factory personnel.

Trained, Educated and Empowered

By our affiliation with MANA (Manufacturers’ Agent National Association), PTRA (Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association) and CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative), we are highly educated on industry and customer trends.
Our association for professional rep agencies signals that we are professional, serious about the business and willing to invest in continuous education and development.

Real Results

Hilco Reps offer immediate coverage and penetration into given territory through established contacts with their customers.
Manufacturers and customers can choose to work with a Hilco Rep with confidence as they demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, business acumen, technical competence and territorial continuity.
We are committed to delivering constant value to both the customer and the manufacturer. We let the manufacturers produce products. We produce results.

More than a Source –
a Resource and a Hungry Fighter

Harvey MacKay says it best,
“The best sales rep is a hungry fighter. We show up. We work hard. We outperform.”

We don’t get compensated for our efforts unless we sell something. Our set rate commissions become a variable cost to the manufacturers. The less we sell, the less we make.

Our ability to outperform direct employee sales force starts with the inherent benefits of product line synergy and continues with the caliber of rep sales personnel. Our success is linked to productivity and our contacts in the territory.

We are proactive, persistent, and passionate about succeeding.

Lower Sales Cost

Working with Hilco is a cost-effective business strategy. We’re a multi-faceted team instead of fewer single individuals where our Manufacturers’ gain more significant results for fewer dollars.

Since we are not in single-line product selling, we present broad-based solutions to customer’s problems, rather than the price & delivery. We can also afford to call on customers too small to be profitable for a single line.

Plus, Hilco pays for recruiting & selecting, talented employee compensation, FICA/FUTA, state tax, Medicaid, health insurance, 401K/matching, workers comp, accounting & legal expenses, travel & entertainment, auto expense, dues & subscriptions, employee replacement expenses, marketing, sales meetings & training, account investment, and facilities expenses (business insurance, rent, furniture, computers, iPads, cell phones, postage, office supplies, utilities, administrative support, maintenance)



We have stable relationships with people who know the ins and outs, total corporate culture, and key stakeholders.


We have the long term commitment to the territory.


We serve the customer as a multi-faceted resource.


We have more efficient sales calls – covers several products in a single meeting.


We are Advocators, ability to secure exceptions to supplier policy.


We sell consultatively.


We bridge the communication gap among departments.


We help in order strategy, through distribution or direct.


We add perspective on market conditions and trends.


We take the solutions approach.

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Hilco, Inc.
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