Manufacturer’s Rep Ideology

The manufacturer’s representative takes fierce pride in his territory, and he invests, literally, his whole life in it. The better he is, the longer he stays and serves and succeeds in his territory.

His established relationship with his customers is long and lasting. Factory salespeople come and go in a territory. The better they are, the quicker they change.

Constant change. That’s the complaint expressed most often by frustrated customers.

“Just when the factory person gets to know us and our special needs, he’s off to a new, more lucrative position.”

Not so with the manufacturer’s representative. His territory is his whole world!

He has been around in that same territory for most of his life. He has invested in his established relationships. He doesn’t plan to leave it – ever. He has built his customer base with meticulous care. He groups his product mix with his customer mix.

He provides his manufacturers and his customers with the kind of synergism that cuts out waste and inefficiency. His capacity for multiple line selling offers cost-effectiveness and cost efficiency to both his manufacturers and his customers.

The manufacturer’s representative is the mainstay of the marketplace he serves. He’s the professional. He is in it for the long term. He provides the manpower, the skills, and the determination to succeed. He takes all of these assets, and he builds his business under the most compelling of incentives:

“We don’t get compensated for our efforts unless and until we sell something.”

His territory is his domain.

His distributors and customers are his lifeblood. He guards it with his reputation. And he will never leave that territory – except in the hands of those he has trained to serve it as solicitously as he has during his lifetime.

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