Hilco Inc.

Hilco is the leading manufacturer’s representative firm serving the Southeastern US, specializing in Industrial Automation and Process Control Products.


Our Manufacturers

Banner Engineering

Specialist in sensors, connectivity, fieldbus technology, RFID systems, interface technology as well as HMI, PLC Solutions and Process automation products.


Specialist in sensors, connectivity, fieldbus technology, RFID systems, interface technology as well as HMI, PLC Solutions and Process automation products.


DIN rail and IP67 power supplies manufacturer.

Fortress Interlocks

Mechanical trapped key and industrially rugged, heavy-duty safety interlocks, and Industrial Access Control in Manufacturing.


Industrial safety mats, and safety Edge Guard systems.


Sales Representation

Twelve sales offices and five application engineering offices located throughout the southeast to offer fast service and support. We are also backed by a strong, well-trained and knowledgeable stocking distributor network

Hilco Inc. - Corporate Headquarters

5170 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30324

Phone:         404-228-5356
Fax:              404-228-5694


Trusted Representatives of the Top Brands

The manufacturer’s representative is the mainstay of the marketplace he serves. He’s the professional. He provides the manpower and the skills and the determination to succeed. He takes all of these assets, and he builds his business under the most compelling of incentives: “We don’t get compensated for our efforts unless and until we sell something.” His territory is his domain. His distributors and customers are his lifeblood. He guards it with his reputation. And he will never leave that territory – except in the hands of those he has trained to serve it as solicitously as he has during his lifetime.

Find your Hilco Representative

Check our territory map to find a representative closest to you. Our manufacturing representatives are highly trained with years of experience. Find your rep today.

Get In Touch

Phone: 404-228-5356
Fax: 404-228-5694

Hilco, Inc.
5170 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30342


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