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  • Sensors – Photoelectric Sensors, Laser Distance Measurement, Ultrasonic Sensors, Fiber Optic Amplifiers, Fiber Optics, Measuring Arrays,Registration Mark, Color and Luminescence Sensors, Slot, Label and Arrays, Radar Sensors, Temperature & Vibration Sensors, Pick-to-Light Sensors
  • Lighting and Indication – Industrial LED Task Lighting, Tower Lights, LED Indicators, In-Line Lighting, Touch Buttons, Pick-to-Light, Illuminated E-Stop Buttons, Vision Lighting, Pulse Pro I/O, Pro Enabled Products, Converters, Audible Indication
  • Machine Safety – Safety Light Curtains, Safety Controllers and Safety Relays, Emergency Stop and Stop Controls, Safety Switches, Two-Hand Controls, Safety Laser Scanners, In-Series Diagnostics (ISD)
  • Industrial Wireless – IIoT Gateways & Controllers, Industrial Wireless Radios, Sensors and Nodes for Condition Monitoring, Cloud and Cellular Data Services, Indicators and Touch Buttons, Operator Push Buttons and Switches, Wireless Kits, Reference Library
  • Barcode and Vision – Imager-Based Barcode Readers (1D, 2D), Laser Barcode Scanners (1D), Smart Cameras, Vision Sensors
  • Industrial Networks and Smart I/O – Cloud and Cellular Data Services, Converters, IIoT Gateways & Controllers, IO-Link
  • Connectivity Technology – Cordsets, Switches, Converters, In-Line Lighting, Power Supplies, Connectors, Adapters

TURCK Product Line

  • Sensors – Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Linear/Rotary, Inclination, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level
  • ConnectivityCordsets, Receptacles, Splitters, Junction Boxes, Field Wireable Connectors, Bulk Cabling, Custom Cabling
  • Identification/RFID Connectivity – Cordsets/Receptacles, Splitters, Junction Boxes, Field Wireable Connectors, Bulk Cable, Inductive Coupling, Custom Harness and Cable Assembly Solutions
  • Fieldbus Technology – Modular I/O, Block I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus PA)
  • Interface Technology – Safety Barriers, Zener barriers, Signal Conditioners, Control Cabinet Monitoring, EXCOM-In-Cabinet Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O
  • Industrial Controls – Programmable HMI/PLC’s – IP67 Block PLC’s, IP20 Programmable Gateways/PLC’s, Field Logic Controllers (FLC) powered by ARGEE
  • Power Supplies – In-Cabinet (IP20), On-Machine (IP67)
  • Process Automation – Process Bus Networks, Process Wiring for Hazardous Areas, Process Connectivity, Wiring consolidation junction blocks, Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O, Instrumentation Sensors, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA, Valve position Sensors, Marine Shipboard Cabling

Fortress Interlocks Product Line

  •   mGard – Mechanical Trapped Interlocks
  •   amGardpro – Heavy Duty Guard Locking with Prosafe & CIP safety
  •   tGard – Configurable Access Control for machine guarding
  •   NCGARD – Compact & Robust Safety with Coding
  •  FRANK – Fortress Rfid Access Network Keys |  Industrial Access Control in Manufacturing
  • Atom – Compact Guard Locking
  • Alfred – Interlocks for explosive atmospheres & hazardous locations
  • Osbourn – Retrofiitable blocking solutions
  • Louis – Safeguardng solutions for washdown & harsh cleaning
  • Configurable Operator Controls – Easily customize machine control devices
  • Fluid Power Safety

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