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  • Sensors – Photoelectric Sensors, Laser Distance Measurement, Ultrasonic Sensors, Fiber Optic Amplifiers, Fiber Optics, Measuring Arrays,Registration Mark, Color and Luminescence Sensors, Slot, Label and Arrays, Radar Sensors, Temperature & Vibration Sensors, Pick-to-Light Sensors
  • Lighting and Indication – Industrial LED Task Lighting, Tower Lights, LED Indicators, In-Line Lighting, Touch Buttons, Pick-to-Light, Illuminated E-Stop Buttons, Vision Lighting, Pulse Pro I/O, Pro Enabled Products, Converters, Audible Indication
  • Machine Safety – Safety Light Curtains, Safety Controllers and Safety Relays, Emergency Stop and Stop Controls, Safety Switches, Two-Hand Controls, Safety Laser Scanners, In-Series Diagnostics (ISD)
  • Industrial Wireless – IIoT Gateways & Controllers, Industrial Wireless Radios, Sensors and Nodes for Condition Monitoring, Cloud and Cellular Data Services, Indicators and Touch Buttons, Operator Push Buttons and Switches, Wireless Kits, Reference Library
  • Barcode and Vision – Imager-Based Barcode Readers (1D, 2D), Laser Barcode Scanners (1D), Smart Cameras, Vision Sensors
  • Industrial Networks and Smart I/O – Cloud and Cellular Data Services, Converters, IIoT Gateways & Controllers, IO-Link
  • Connectivity Technology – Cordsets, Switches, Converters, In-Line Lighting, Power Supplies, Connectors, Adapters

TURCK Product Line

  • Sensors – Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Linear/Rotary, Inclination, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level
  • ConnectivityCordsets, Receptacles, Splitters, Junction Boxes, Field Wireable Connectors, Bulk Cabling, Custom Cabling
  • Identification/RFID Connectivity – Cordsets/Receptacles, Splitters, Junction Boxes, Field Wireable Connectors, Bulk Cable, Inductive Coupling, Custom Harness and Cable Assembly Solutions
  • Fieldbus Technology – Modular I/O, Block I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus PA)
  • Interface Technology – Safety Barriers, Zener barriers, Signal Conditioners, Control Cabinet Monitoring, EXCOM-In-Cabinet Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O
  • Industrial Controls – Programmable HMI/PLC’s – IP67 Block PLC’s, IP20 Programmable Gateways/PLC’s, Field Logic Controllers (FLC) powered by ARGEE
  • Power Supplies – In-Cabinet (IP20), On-Machine (IP67)
  • Process Automation – Process Bus Networks, Process Wiring for Hazardous Areas, Process Connectivity, Wiring consolidation junction blocks, Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O, Instrumentation Sensors, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA, Valve position Sensors, Marine Shipboard Cabling

Fortress Interlocks Product Line

  •   mGard –The mGard mechanical range of robust trapped key interlocks can be combined to create key sequences that enforce processes at a fraction of the cost to electromechanical alternatives. Isolate all types of energy from a system and use personnel keys to prevent accidental restart and protect personnel.3rd party approved for applications up to Cat. 4, PLe.
  •   amGardpro – amGardpro is the most robust and configurable Fortress solution for applications up to Cat. 4, PLe.
    This range combines ergonomic safe access with button controls, personnel protection, RFID access, and escape release functionality, all in one device, together with the ability to communicate with industrial network protocols.
  •   tGard –tGard is a simple, fully customisable range of interlocks with built-in control functionality or standalone prebuilt pushbutton stations. tGard products are configured to order in a 40mm metal housing for fast and simple mounting in a variety of manufacturing and automation applications.3rd party approved to meet Cat. 3, PLd.
  •   NCGARD – Compact & Robust Safety with Coding
  •  FRANK – Fortress Rfid Access Network Keys |  Industrial Access Control in Manufacturing
  • Atom – Compact Guard Locking
  • Alfred – Interlocks for Explosive Atmospheres
    Alfred is our range of robust and customisable interlocking solutions certified for safe use in explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations.
  • Osbourn – Interlock blocking
    Osbourn interlock blocking solutions allow retrofittable personnel keys to be added to existing electromechanical systems & light curtains without the need for any wiring or reprogramming.
  • Louis– Hygienic Interlocking Range
    The Louis range contains the first ever 3-A approved, food safe interlock, the HGL (Hygienic Guard Lock), approved for clean in place procedures.
  • Configurable Operator Controls – Easily customize machine control devices
  • Fluid Power Safety – Fluid power safety solutions from Fortress provide redundant means of operation, monitoring, and a unique cross link technology to guarantee no single component failure can affect safe isolation.

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